GFM Crane GF-8

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Included with the rental of GFM Crane GF-8

1 GFM Crane (GF-8) Accessories Cart
1 GFM Crane (GF-8) Extension Arm
1 GFM Crane (GF-8) Track Wheels
1 GFM Crane (GF-8) Leveling Legs
1 GFM Crane (GF-8) Mitchell Mount Nut Wrench
1 GFM Crane (GF-8) Rigging Rod
1 GFM Crane (GF-8) Rigging Profile
1 GFM Crane (GF-8) Rigging Harness
1 GFM Crane (GF-8) Tension Buckle
1 GFM Crane (GF-8) Tension Pipe
1 GFM Crane (GF-8) Sliding Counterweight
1 GFM Crane (GF-8) Crane Platform
1 GFM Crane (GF-8) Nose Adapter
1 GFM Crane (GF-8) End leveler
1 GFM Crane (GF-8) Camera head mount
1 GFM Crane (GF-8) Weight tray
1 GFM Crane (GF-8) Boss/Euro to Bowl Adapter
1 GFM Crane (GF-8) Weights
1 GFM Crane (GF-8) Weights Cart
1 GFM Crane (GF-8) Various Seat brackets
1 GFM Crane (GF-8) Junior Pins
1 GFM Crane (GF-8) Bowl Bowl adaptor 150mm-100mm

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